Complete 3D Inspection Software range

Metrolog X4
New architecture of our 3D Inspection software

Metrolog X4 V5
New architecture of CATIA® V5 Embedded 3D Inspection Software

Metrolog XG
Multi-cad 3D Inspection software

Silma XG Simulation 
The Off line programming software

Metrologic Inspection V5
CATIA® V5 3D Inspection Software

Metrolog XG@Web
Online collaborative tool

Application Modules

Software maintenance

Education offer

O.E.M. Solutions
Metrolog XG Microlog XG Silma XG Simulation Metrologic Inspection V5 Metrolog@web XG Pocket Metrolog XG Silma XG MI V5 Metrolog@web XG Pocket
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